Protecting Families One Generation At A Time

Every family needs a legal advocate – someone who can stand up for you in a time of need. At Peppel, Grice & Palazzolo, P.C., Chasity Sharp Grice gets the results you need.

Fighting Today To Protect Your Tomorrow

When your life, future and finances depend on taking legal action, there is little room for error. You need to work with someone who understands your needs and values and who can adapt quickly to rapidly changing circumstances. Chasity Sharp Grice is a fierce advocate for our neighbors. She will help you find a strategy that optimizes your outcomes, whether this is through effective estate planning or maximizing your benefits.
Your hard work deserves respect. Let her be your voice when planning for your passing and demanding fair treatment.

Overcome Uncertainty

Chasity Sharp Grice offers critical answers and stalwart representation. She focuses on achieving real, tangible results for you. She narrows in on the real issues and helps you obtain outcomes that work, including:


Creation of comprehensive estate plans, including wills, trusts and powers of attorney


Administration aid for executors of estates and trust administrators


Protection for the elderly and vulnerable, including pursuit of elder abuse claims, guardianship and other legal safeties


Pursuit of appropriate benefits for our service men and women

Many people approach a law firm hesitantly – the entire process can feel intimidating. But the vast majority of clients leave Ms. Sharp’s office with a huge sense of relief. You are the important person in this office, and Mrs. Sharp makes the legal system serve you, not the other way around.

Advising Memphis-Area Residents About Estate Planning, Elder Law And Veterans Benefits Needs

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